Monday, 1 March 2010


One of my favorite functions of water is its ability to reflect. Today was a good day for that. The puddles on the flooded earth held blue sky and fluffy white clouds and I gazed admiringly into them.

It felt like spring today. On my way home after lecture I was struck at the reflections the flooded grazing meadow offered. Lately because of all of the rain, the meadow has been holding water and at high tide, it really floods. Water flows up into the meadow and fills the channels to their tops. I came home, had a quick lunch, grabbed my camera and set out to take pictures. I spent a good hour wandering slowly, looking for reflections, watching a kestrel hunt, seagulls fly, swans swim, trying to locate a little grebe that dove under when it resurfaced, scaring off pheasants and bunny rabbits, listening to great tits call to one another in the trees, and delighting in the clouds gliding overhead.

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