Friday, 10 September 2010

Attack of the Shield Bugs

There are a few unwelcome visitors in my new apartment. 4 freaky shield bugs, aka stink bugs. Turns out, they're not only invaders in my house, they are also invaders in this country (hitched a ride from Asia). They creep me out. They're loud, clumsy, and like to fly back in the direction they've been pushed away from. So if you're trying to flick one off of something, careful, it'll come right back at you. I think the screens on this place must not be fit right because these freaky creatures are coming in. I caught two yesterday and two more today. They're being kept under glasses. The one I just caught is super aggressive and is making a ton of noise in his new cage. You can't smash them because they stink, so what do you do? Well, my plan is to keep them under the glass until they die and then I'll flush them down the toilet. Good thing glasses are the one thing we have extra of. In the old house, I'd take them outside, but that's a less attractive option in an apartment, when outside is down a long corridor and five flights of stairs. I do okay with most bugs, but these things are so totally gross they make me squeal (thank goodness no one is here to witness it). A friend of mine seemed to have a car infested with them. They'd crawl out of no where, especially in the warmth. No bugs in the morning, and 4 dead ones on the dash and two crawling up the windows in the afternoon. They'd crawl out of who knows where and tend to be exactly where you needed to put your hand--ie the steering wheel or the gear shifter. If you touch them, they fly at you. So you just have to avoid them and hope they don't fly at you while you're driving. And once one did. I was in the passenger's seat and either a window was rolled down or the air turned on and one flew right in my face and then into my hair and down my shirt. I was picking stink bug legs out of my hair for the rest of the ride. I hate these things and one day, when I grow up, I want to move to a place where they don't exist.

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