Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Last Entry

This is post number 200. Tomorrow is the 15th of September. I have met my goals. This evening, I mailed off my dissertation (2 copies, printed bound and offset) to the department administrator, and with that, I am no longer a student. Back to the real world and then off to work on Friday.

The past year has been challenging, mostly in unanticipated ways. The course was not what I wanted or expected. Still, good has come from it. The big paper I just submitted is one of those goods. Even if it's not particularly good as a piece of writing, it has been an educational experience, an exercise in discipline and focus, and an opportunity to try something new. This blog is another good thing. I began this blog as an exercise to make myself write about the ideas, themes, and theories I have encountered. It has been a lot of fun inventing topics and writing about the joys I experience as a result of the world around me. There are a few unwritten posts still lurking around and I aim to complete. I am sure this blog will continue, even if only sporadically, for a while. And maybe I'll get brave and post my paper.

Stay tuned. More rambling after a brief brain break.


  1. So many congratulations, Mary! Talk to you soon, I hope!

  2. I hoped you were still writing this :) It would be great to see your final paper. This blog looks really good. Anna