Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Bottled Water

If you don't like the tap water, do something about it.

The choices people make are interesting to me. Take bottled water. People buy bottled water for a good many reasons, but a common one of them is because they don't like the way their tap water tastes. (Just a brief digression to note how spoiled we are to have perfectly drinkable water ever abundantly available and not only complain about its taste but also use it unsparingly and flush it down our toilets.)

They'd rather spend hundreds or thousands of dollars purchasing what just might be filtered tap water, each portion contained in its own plastic capsule, than invest time in addressing the way their tap water tastes. Their tax money, the money they pay in bills, goes toward regulating and generating and benefiting from that water source. They have invested in it and continue to invest in it. (Doesn't seem to be smart business to put money towards something you don't like.)

Instead of confronting a perceived problem, people pay their way around it. I'd like to suggest that rather than buy into a questionable industry that makes a commodity of a precious and diminishing natural resource (bottled in the byproduct of another precious and diminishing natural resource), talk to the people who manage your tap water. The people who regulate it. Talk to the people who generate it. See what you can do.

And then there's the issue of the plastic bottles . . . . www.junkraft.com

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