Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Nothing With Lyrics

There are elements in which I feel at home. On solid land, for example, I feel very much at home. Words also make me feel at home. And there are elements in or with which I feel uncomfortable or out of place, for example, in the ocean and with music. So when it comes to music, finding more comfort (or familiarity and understanding) in the patterns of words than in the patterns of notes, I follow the lyrics and the voice more than I do the instruments. This tendency is making it impossible to listen to music and read or write at the same time. The part of my brain that handles language can't handle both tasks simultaneously. I quite like having music in the background while I read and write. So having tried several times to read while listening to music with lyrics only to find that my eyes have come to the end of the page but my brain jumped at about the third line from following the text to following the song as well as several tries at writing that have taken an embarrassingly long amount of time because I'm distracted at every catchy chorus from my train of thought, I've decided to take action on behalf of time management and concluded that while reading or writing, I may listen to nothing with lyrics. Have I as a result created an opportunity to learn and develop an appreciation and understanding for classical music? Let's hope so. Maybe I'll start to feel more at home with the notes. As for the ocean, I'll leave it to the gilled and flippered.

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