Friday, 29 June 2012

Are we bad children?

This post by Surfrider Japan has got me thinking about our conflicting attitudes towards the environment. It asks "Why do we treat the ocean as a dump?" And focuses on the dumping of radioactive materials into the ocean. 

It has me thinking beyond the ocean. Substitute "planet" for "ocean" in that question.

Do we treat our planet like bad children treat their parents? Do we expect them to provide for us endlessly, whatever we want when we want it and then expect them to put up with all of our reckless and selfish behavior, absorb our toxicity? Do we love it when we get our way, take without thinking and get angry when we don't get what we want out of it?

Well, folks, let's grow up and adopt a new attitude. I think we'd be better off borrowing attitudes from other cultures where elders are respected and children look after their parents not because we have to but because it is a privilege and a sign of our deep respect for those who come before and provide for us.

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