Friday, 29 March 2013

Freedom in each moment

A friend of mine just got back from three weeks traveling in Thailand. His favorite part about the trip wasn't the sites or the food but the feeling of waking up each morning with nothing planned and being able to fill the day with the activities that he chose.

That is one of my favorite parts about vacations and one of the reasons I think they should be taken somewhat regularly. This is an important thing to remember. It's revitalizing.

It can be easy to lose sight of that freedom with the distractions of routines and obligations, busy calendars, the trappings of modern full-time employed stationary life. The freedom to do what we choose does not get left behind in the places we visit. It is with us in each moment. It is important to me that I remember this and act like it is the truth, at least from time to time.

It's takes effort for me to think past the list of things I need to do while I'm at work and the other appointments or chores to what I want to do. I find days can disappear in this routine and it's exhausting. Wake up, go to work, come home, and if the work isn't stimulating but draining, I don't feel inspired to do anything else--especially in winter when there's so much darkness.

To remedy this, I find myself trying to think of my day in 10 or 60 minute intervals. What are the things I want to do and how long do I want to spend doing them? How many can I fit into my day? Things I'd like to do that I could easily devote ten minutes to: hula hooping, hand stands, stretching, playing a song, reading an article or responding to an e-mail or writing a letter. Things I could easily spend an hour on: walking, playing guitar, singing, reading, cooking, eating, visiting with friends, breakfast, dancing, taking a bath. Then the trick is to fit as many of these things that I feel like doing into my day. Not to be overwhelmed by what's next or what might be or wasting time staring at my inbox but hula hooping instead. I find that I also try to break up the monotony by taking detours or different methods of transportation.

No time like the present to do things you want to do. No reason to put off doing the things you want to and can do. Now is the right time to start doing the things you want to do. I'm off to hula hoop.

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