Saturday, 20 February 2010

Not from around here

Being from sunny southern California, I take sunny days for granted. Rather than race out into the sunshine and spend all day out there basking in it's rays, no mater how cold the surrounding air is, I tend to think I'll go out just after . . . . Usually mid-way through whatever it is, the sun disappears behind a cloud.

I could benefit from becoming more like the locals. They respond to sunny days the way I imagine kids from the mid-west respond to snow days. They burst out of doors and sit with their faces like sunflowers.

Heavy rain was forecasted for yesterday and today. Yesterday I managed to make it out into the sunshine for a walk to town. I told myself I was going to walk to the grocery store, but after being outside for just a minute I decided to take the long route to Tesco, via town. Today I wasn't as successful. I was expecting rain. I was glad I made it out yesterday. This morning it was dreary. It rained. I laid in bed and watched the news, then read and took a nap. I woke at 3 to the sun shining into my room. Rather than leap out of bed and throw on some presentable attire for basking in the sun on a winter's day, I stared dubiously out the window at the clouds. I hesitated way too long. The sun and blue sky showed through the clouds until sunset. I should have gone out to have some fresh air and exercise this body. Maybe one day I will learn to be grateful for what's given and to enjoy it for as long as possible. Until then, keep hoping that I may be granted with the chance to learn my lesson.

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