Thursday, 4 February 2010

Portrait of a Prophet

I went to an event hosted by the Islamic Society on campus tonight. Knowing next to nothing about Islam I hoped it would be informative and it didn't disappoint. The speaker talked about the good virtues of the Prophet Mohammad, his kindness, ability to forgive, his humility. I found the stories refreshing, the way that religious stories are. They encourage faith in humanity, inspiration to be on one's best behavior, to find inner peace and strength, to always act from a place of kindness. It was a good reminder for me.

My favorite story of the night was about the trunk of a date palm that Mohammad used to lean against while delivering his sermons. One day a pulpit was made for him and he began to deliver his sermons from there. The date palm began to weep for love of the prophet. He then returned to the tree and rubbed his hands on it and it stopped crying.

It's beautiful to think that the plants, nature can sense us like we sense them. Just thinking about the possibility that we might bring them as much comfort as they bring us makes me smile. The potential for interaction between species, plant and animal, animate and inanimate . . . that's exciting to think about.

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