Friday, 4 June 2010

Bird Spotting on the Colne

Took a walk today down to Arlesford Creek and back. Saw a few birds along the way: swans, ducks, geese, cormorant (eating a silver fish), herring gulls, black birds, wood pigeons, a robin, starlings, and even three oyster catchers.

The one bird I didn't get to see, but enjoyed hearing was the cuckoo. RSPB lists it as having red status, so that means its numbers are quite low. Glad to hear at least two of them around the area. The interesting thing about the cuckoo is that you know exactly what type of bird it is without having to see it. It's call is a dead give away.

Also, not technically a bird, saw lots of lady birds today. Four spotted, many spotted, albino.

In news of other things that fly: mosquitoes. Yuck. I've got three new bites. No mistaking that sharp needle jab sensation of a mosquito bite. These guys were big. Lots of other flying things around. I went through swarms of often unidentifiable winged things. They tend to hang out in the shaded, wooded areas. I escaped by walking along the river. Wind is good for something.

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