Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Throwing Stones

8pm. Water reflecting on a beached keg. Ripples of light dance diagonally across the barrel's dull metal ridges. The river shows the sky. Solid surface. See a black headed gull fly from above and below, wing tips almost touching, then pulling up. Passed the noise of the sewer draining into the river. Past the graffitied brick structure and the boats. Collecting stones from the path. Swallows practice acrobatics inches from the surface. Gulls stare on. The angle of the sun's rays is rising. Shadow creeps up the eastern bank. Brown. Pink tinted. Like the sands at Rainbow Beach. Multi-colored mud draining puddles of silver blue sky. Throwing stones at the river. Some burst into pieces. Some disappear into the mud. Dirt streaked flesh. Wind from the east for the third straight day. Throwing stones in the river. Into the cloudless sky. Tide is going out. The river drains to the sea. A barn owl hunts in the meadow. Yellow suns meet at the bridge.

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