Thursday, 24 June 2010

Manual Labor

There's something incredibly satisfying about manual labor. I like a job where at the end, you can actual see what you've done and feel like you've done something. Nothing sweeter than a pile or weeds, a pile of clean dishes, a crate of picked strawberries or carrots, a clean flower bed to step back and appreciate after some muscle flexing and sweating. Nice enough just to flex the muscles and sweat a bit, but sweeter still to appreciate the fruits (especially when it's actually fruit) of one's labors. I'm loving my work at the Apricot Centre. Most of it is weeding. I'm learning some things are easier to weed than others. Some of it is picking: strawberries, carrots, beet root. Some of it is making things: hummus and elderflower cordial. It's a good time and good experience and so nice to feel genuinely tired at the end of a day.

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