Monday, 12 July 2010

Dubai Airport

Random things about Dubai Airport.

The toilet water is steamy.
There are two terminals (at least). The newer terminal (which has the gate numbers 200), which may be entirely Emirates, is big and beautiful and air conditioned and modern. It has planter areas at each end with trees and a koi pond. The 100s, which I assume is the older terminal, is like another place entirely.
It's kind of like Vegas here. Light up, over the top, full of things to buy, fake feeling, and air conditioned. With two classes: hot, seedy, cheap, and things you can't afford.
Maybe not intended to be ironic, but you go down to get to Terminal 1.
They have very conveniently located charging stations, but not in Terminal 1.
The terminal building is very long which makes for good walking.
There is a McDonalds here. There was not one in Maldives. I did not miss it.
There's an entire counter for gold things, including bars.
They have lounge chairs and there is a hotel at the airport.

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