Monday, 25 January 2010

Bits and Bobs

The stock turned out bitter, but it was salvageable, and the potato leek soup is yummy.

On Sunday, I walked along the Colne down to Arlesford Creek. It took me ages because I was jotting notes as I went. I think I notice more when I'm not taking notes. I definitely walk quicker.

My stance on 100% recycled facial tissue: the skin on my nose will heal before a new tree would even have the chance to sprout.

Today I walked to Waitrose for a bit of variety. I walked along the river to the Colne Causeway bridge, then crossed the road and to the west side of the river. The walk between there and the Hythe station is a rather depressing one. So many buildings in disrepair, a boat that looks sinkable, trash on the roads, and so on. I went up to Hythe Station, crossed back over the river and went past the backside of Tesco and across Greenstead Road. From there, straight on, in this underpass that took me to the other side of St. Andrew's Ave. This underpass was unexpected and a bit of a treat. My normal association with underpasses is dirtiness, graffiti, signs of a homeless person and some degree of the suffocating smell or urine. So there was a smell, but not too bad and not nearly suffocating. And the walls were tiled, in bright Eastery colors. No signs of any homeless people. But, for a final score of 2 out of 4, there was graffiti. But I couldn't for the life of me tell you what it was meant to say. The consonants didn't seem to have enough vowels. I wouldn't recommend it, but as underpasses go, it was not bad.

The air purifier I ordered arrived today. I've had it running on high since I opened it. I'm not thrilled about the electricity use, but I was starting to get desperate. Not even putting a towel at my door would stop the smoke from coming in. Even with keeping my window open all the time, my room would smell of smoke. Then a few nights ago, I was lying in bed, which is by the window, and I started smelling smoke. I guess someone smokes out his window. It's inescapable. Sometimes I can feel myself having an allergic reaction to it, even diluted as it is when it gets to my room. Some nights I wake up with a stuffy nose--or rather, my stuffy nose wakes me up. Most mornings, I wake up stuffy. I'm having more hyperallergenic moments. I don't want to die of second-hand smoke. I don't want to have allergic reactions or have a constant stuffy nose or break out in hives. I just want to breathe normal, non-smokey or smokey-smelling air, especially in my home. (It's bad enough having to walk past or around smokers.) I'm glad to have the purifier here. I can feel the difference already.

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