Sunday, 17 January 2010

Glorious Day

Today was a lovely seven degrees. I must say, I prefer this side of winter to the other side of it. When it goes from Summer to Fall to Winter, it's downhill temperature wise and summer temps to winter temps is a tough adjustment. But having been in winter, or at least in winter clothes, for a while now, a bump from zero to seven is simply delightful. That's nearly a layer less of clothing required for going out of doors. It's the difference between freezing with the window open and enjoying the fresh air.

Today was sunny and lovely. (Thanks, Clouds, glad you got my note. No hard feelings.) I wish I could have spent it all out doors. I walked around without my gloves on and only three layers of clothing. I wanted to run and visit everywhere, to say hi and celebrate the not-too-distant-now coming of spring. I wanted to tell the river that soon it will be warm enough that I can properly visit it again. Spring! When the birds come back and the insects come back. When the leaves and the flowers come back. Oh, I can't wait! Today filled me with anticipation. I'm ready for it!

(I saw four magpies flying together. I don't know that I have ever seen so many together before, and surely never so many together in flight. What is it when there are four? A boy?)

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